Planears is especially designed for SMB's that equipped all day to day work management features at very low prices. It's biggest benefit is that it can be customized according to business requirement. Planears is for everyone it covers industries software houses, design houses, event management, NGO etc.

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The blackboard application is especially designed for students. This application enables students to view and interact with courses, assignments, instructors. It keeps students up to date on their daily progress and monthly progress as well. It fulfills all requirements and academic progress. It provides great environment and user friendly interface to deal with.

Restaurant Management System

A restaurant management system is a software designed for the food service industry. A software that helps you from managing tables in restaurants to manage online orders, deliveries, menus, manage inventory, customers, helps you capture transaction and manages accurately and efficiently run daily processes

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Human Capital Management System

Human capital management system is a comprehensive web based system that provides a fully customizable all in one solution for your company to effectively develop and manage human capital. Using this system you will be able to access the entire human resource module within your organization. It’s an extendible and flexible web, cloud mobile based platform.
System is highly user friendly to accommodate your requirements.

People Inbox

PeopleInbox is a job portal unlike any other. We bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, making the entire process transparent by promoting direct contact and a customized, all-in-one experience. PeopleInbox helps job seekers find jobs of their choice and provide employers with a platform to easily advertise their jobs. With an easy to use interface, fast browsing experience, and rich features set.

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Education Management System

Ashtex Solutions education management system is a E-learning tool provide you the best solution for your academic assessment, gives you better insight to maximize your progress in academia. For the first time, students can understand their abilities competency and obtain help to improve their weaknesses. These solutions are available 24x7 effectively and efficiently on a wide range of devices.

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Legal Docs

Legal Docs is the best assistance for any legal divorce and family law. It offers you services with low cost. Ashtex Legal Docs provides a complete documentation on any petition, fill and serve you, help you in saving your money. Legal Docs helps you navigate your process with professional, who is responsible to keep your record.

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Brandvibe gives you real time insights of your customers. It is the fastest way to connect with your target audience. BrandVibe brings efficient and towering ROI for customers through digital media marketing. It helps you cover all aspects to measure real-time impact on your business.

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School Management System

Ashtex Solutions offers an affordable, easy to use school management system that meets all your needs in doing daily tasks. We provide you a multi purpose all in one suite that can help you increase your educational and business productivity. Our school management system is designed to be a state-of-the-art program that gives you an advantage to fit in any type of educational agenda. Software ensures you to keep your essential information and provides the best insights.

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Ashtex Solutions E-commerce system provides one click solution to its customers. E-commerce system supports a wide range of features that include online transaction, one payment platform. We serve you best solution to deal with daily processes in E-commerce business through our intelligent system.

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Pool Cleaning System

Pool cleaning regulatory is a single click solution that covers all your daily work hassle. A complete efficient system that provides customer relationship management, route management system and provide all cleaning solutions for your pool to maintain hygiene.

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