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Strategic Security

Webpro Scanner is a desktop based product, It helps detecting vulnerabilities of website by detecting Sql injection, jquery injection, javascript ...

Lays Flip

Lays Flip Challenge is a one page website.The user will come and record a video and post it......


Longhaul is an e-commerce based store. We build this store using MVC framework and tools such as CSS, HTML, PHP. ...

Grey Density

Grey Density, A designer company. A portfolio website for one of the leading design houses in our region. It was ...


Sonichits is html based project. Sonichits is html based project. 


Our key to success is structured flow of work following Agile methodology. We have been rigorously practicing Agile methodology to ensure quality of our solutions with the help of Agile Life Cycle. The beauty of Agile model is it gives the opportunity to cater to the change request at any time during the development phase. In the form of stand-up meetings, we keep our clients up to date with the progress. This not only builds strong bonding between the two parties but also this is the most significant essence for solutions development. So at Ashtex Solutions we use Agile model to serve our clients with the best services and lay down the foundation of long-term commitments.

1 - Requirement Engineering

This involves detailed requirement gathering process, workout estimated cost / timelines to accomplish the project. We model our strategies accordingly to provide you with exactly what you want, and more importantly, what you need. Having worked with us, you will realize that you have come home where all your needs will be taken care of with utmost diligence.

2 - Analysis

Analyzing the theory to solve a problem is the key to solving it effectively. We inject the maximum effort in this crucial part of the project and make sure that we examine everything in detail. A well-defined problem statement triggers efficient strategies to reach solutions. Having gained the former, we strive to achieve the latter.

3 - Design

We not just design solutions, we design models which serve as benchmarks for our successive projects. What we have been doing bears witness to what we say. Those who have worked with us know that we mean business. As the design speak for itself, so we provide you with the high-end, innovative designs that gives an edge to your online presence.

4 - Development

Our developmental process is two-pronged. We not only develop the most efficient solutions, but we also incorporate your vision into our strategy to make the final product. We inform our clients of what we are up to so that they may have clarity regarding the work process and any changes that might be essential could thus be implemented.

5 - Deployment and Testing

After the coding phase is over, then the code is deployed and tested against the requirements to ensure that the implemented solution is serving the purpose as per the requirements. During this phase all types of functional and non-functional testing like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, expert reviews, UI / UX reviews are done.

6 - UAT and Release

The system then will go through user acceptance test. It is offered to the customer to have their feedback if there will be adjustments required or any change requests. Ultimately, the solutions obtained as a result of aforementioned processes will be the answer to your problems. You’ll simply love it! The amount of hard work and professionalism will speak volumes because as you know, “Actions speak louder than words.”

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Web Technologies

Ashtex Solutions-Your technology partner can provide you with a quality solution in any Web Technology you ask for. Hence, we cover almost the whole technology stack that can be used for development, best web development services, technology expert, having reliable resources equipped with excellent skills and extensive working experiences in diversified niches.

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Ashtex Solutions-Your technology partner works in almost all of the Open-source frameworks for development available for different technologies/languages. Also, we provide the best web development services to our clients. A team of technology expert having specialized skills in particular to these frameworks with impressive working experiences.

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Ashtex Solutions – Your technology partner can provide you with a quality solution in any technology you ask for. Hence, we cover almost the whole technology stack that can be used for development. Our tech expert resources are equipped with excellent skills and extensive working experiences in diversified niches.

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Ashtex Solutions – Your technology partner works in almost all of the Open-source frameworks for development. We are also skilled to provide the development services in customized frameworks as per the requirements. A team of technology expert  are specialized in particular to the frameworks development with impressive working experiences.

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We care for every client and propose to them the best suitable model to fulfill their needs within the given budget and timelines. Our models are flexible and solely customer oriented because we know a happy customer is worth more than a million dollars.

One Time Project

If you have a project with limited scope and you are not intended to pursue a continual development cycle for this, then you have stopped at the right place, “Ashtex Solutions”. We love to help you with our premium technical services on need basis. Our models are flexible enough to cater need basis requirements or one-time projects. If your requirement is just to get a set of features implemented within budget and time constraints, we are here to help you.

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Continuous Support

We have dedicated team structure for enterprise clients and projects. For the organizations who want their technical needs to be managed on the continuous basis, Ashtex Solutions is the right choice. We dedicate our resources to the continuous IT support to our clients who prefer to carry on with the incremental development cycle. This is the most preferred model and perfect for those who have the large scope of work and need continuous upgrades in their solutions. 

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Remote Hiring

Ashtex Solutions has the best pool of resources intended to provide you quality services. It is trending these days that people prefer to work remotely. Similarly, the organization may get the reduction in development cost by outsourcing their work and manage it virtually. It can be tricky to manage remote resources but if strong processes are in place then it can be handled easily. So, if you are looking for a resource to fill-up a remote position in your organization, then you have landed on the right place. 

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We welcome you on the platform of Ashtex Solutions-Your technology partner, here you will be offering the services of creative and innovative Facebook application designers, website designers, who can design the websites to any specific industry. They work out through proper research in the designing phase.