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Ashtex Solutions is one of the emerging IT Solutions providers in Web / Mobile Development domains. We offer a wide range of services including Business Analysis, Consultancy services, Web Designing, Web DevelopmentMobile Application Development and CMS Development.

Ashtex provides the best consultancy services to its customers. We have recognized brands like IBM, Pepsi Co, SimSim by FINCA in our portfolio because customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Here at Ashtex, we have the team of experts who work hand in hand with customers to deliver the best IT Solutions. Our profoundly experienced IT and Business experts draw out the best ideas to deliver you with the best services.

To cater to a large number of clients, we have representatives in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. They keenly respond to your queries and available to help you there as well.

Similarly, we comprehend your business needs, build up clear objectives, at that point go for the systems and their usage to accomplish these objectives.

So come to Ashtex Solutions for all your IT needs and experience the true meaning of customer satisfaction.

Ashtex Solutions

Our mission is to provide you with the best IT Solutions by following emerging technologies path and continuous learning.

Getting Started

Ashtex Solutions came into being in 2012.

In our first year, we successfully launched our first proprietor framework for the Australian market. Hence, this served as the key ingredient to step into the international market.

Ashtex took part in the customization of a renowned framework ‘Codeigniter’. Additionally, we delivered a customized system named as RocketSled.  

Medium level transformation

In 2013, we upgraded to medium level startup and successfully enrolled our organization’s name.

During this year, we acquired a retainer contract with one of the leading beverage brands, PepsiCo.’ and hence obtained contracts for 7Up, Mountain Dew and Lays.

Also, this bought us a chance to work on the Facebook Applications Development. 

Exceptional growth

Then 2014, went off with the exponential growth in our development as a whole.

We re-structured ourselves from a startup to a procedural format with a great focus on the formalization of processes. In addition to that, Ashtex Solutions crafted the team-based structure and implemented essential policies to enhance our productivity, efficiency and the quality of our IT Solutions.

Getting Pace with progress

2015 proved as one of the most fast-paced years in terms of Business and Human Resource Development.

Out of the many benchmarks achieved, the most highlighted one was entering into the global IT competition by expanding our business reach in the European and US markets.

Hitting the international market

During 2016, we acquired numerous contracts from the European market and provided them with the best IT Solutions. This won us some exceptionally valuable clients.

We established the retainer model for SimSim by FINCA as their development support team.

Moreover, by combining our dedicated pool of resources, launched the Product Development department and started working on various POCs to hit different industries like Education, Security and Virtual Workspaces. Furthermore, we started working to develop on a new management tool “Planears”.

Got tagged with brands

Ashtex shifted it’s approach from the Waterfall methodology to the Agile methodology in 2017.

The smooth procedure incorporates scrum meetings with updating customers on regular basis and hence keeping our clients up to date about the progress. Of course, this enhanced our efficiency as well as won the hearts of our clients.

On top of that, we acquired the contract for IBM (International Business Machines) and provided them our consultancy services.

Upgrade approach for catering more clients

In 2018, our primary goal was to provide our clients with the best IT services under one roof. With this in mind, we upgraded our processes to provide our clients with the best IT Solutions at cut-throat prices.

Ashtex Solutions officially launched Planears in the local and US market.  So that, by using Planears we can manage our multi-level organizational activities staying within one virtual workspace.

Now we are doing further refinements in Planears based on the feedback we are getting from the market.

Ashtex is broadening its crest over the global market growing through our hard work and cutting-edge methods.
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Ashtex is one of the emerging IT solutions provider in web/mobile development domains. We offer a wide range of services including business analysis, consultancy services, website designing, website development, CMS development, eCommerce development etc. With a wide range of advance technologies and frameworks our team at Ashtex, work hand in hand with customers to provide best solution and quality product.