Yoast VS All In One SEO

Search engine optimization is critical for pretty much anybody with a WordPress site. Optimizing a website can be bewildering and annoying for beginners and for some experts too.

Gratefully, some extremely incredible SEO modules exist on WordPress, and they help to make optimization easy. There are an assortment of plugins that endeavor to be the go-to SEO solution for WordPress clients, however after some time there have been two that have ascended to the best.



If you have a WordPress website or are planning to do so, we comprehend your predicament with regards to picking between these two. These two are superb plugins and offer the greater part of the attributes that you need to get the most extreme advantages. This blog is here to streamline your questions about the matchless quality of one over the other.



Installation and Setup :

When you have installed and initiated All in One SEO, you would have the capacity to discover the menu directly underneath the dashboard. The majority of the features are like that of Yoast which implies that the settings are very broad. However, unlike Yoast, it has all the settings on a single page with several tabs.This makes it more befuddling for the amateur to discover things.


When you have installed and activated Yoast, you would see an option that gives you a voyage through the diverse settings that are accessible. The setting segment of this plugin is separated flawlessly into pages wherein every one of the pages has diverse tabs for every one of the settings. This makes it simpler for the client to comprehend and setup this module on their site.



Content Optimization and Analysis :

The Yoast Page Analysis instrument is an extraordinary tool for both apprentices and experts alike. After picking a focus keyword, the Yoast SEO module examines down the content that you’ve gathered on a page. It at that point reviews your work, disclosing to you how you can possibly enhance the page’s SEO execution. It tells about a variety of factors including :


  • Keyword Density
  • Focus Keyword Appearance in SEO Title
  • Outbound Links
  • Inbound Links
  • Readability Scores
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Word Count


All in One SEO enables you to edit title and meta description like Yoast but it does not have a content analysis tool. However, with All in One, you can design a custom canonical URL, ask web crawlers to no index/no follow after the post, and furthermore eliminate it from your sitemap. This implies you have more prominent control of the technical points.



Social Media Integration :

Across the board, All in One SEO has a more broad rundown of social settings than Yoast. Each field has a full clarification, giving you the certainty to arrange your site precisely to your choice. You can connect your site with a boundless number of social profiles, in addition to you can interface Facebook Open Graph. The Open Graph area of the settings screen is especially valuable, giving you a chance to indicate default picture sources and measurements for social posts, giving you full control of how your site shows up on Facebook. You can likewise design Twitter Cards.



XML Sitemaps :

The sitemaps are used to properly index your website. They basically give a guide of your site which advises the web crawler with respect to how to list it and give this data to the web crawlers.


Yoast SEO has its own menu, particularly for the XML sitemaps. They are fundamentally a default option and are made naturally and furthermore get refreshed at whatever point new contents added. You can examine the sitemaps in the settings segment and choose the sort of post that you need to incorporate.


All in One SEO module doesn’t generally have XML sitemaps as a default attribute, and you would require enacting it from the Feature Manager. This would make a Sitemap consequently and furnish you with an additional setup menu. With this, you can choose the parts of the content you need to be incorporated, set which web crawlers are to be informed and much more. The features provided by this plugin in its feature manager are :


  • ‘robot.txt’ generator
  • Performance optimizer
  • Import/export settings
  • Bad bot blocker
  • ‘robot.txt’ and ‘htaccess’ editor
  • File editor




Both these plugins are quite similar in offering features. However, the All in One SEO plugin goes in detail of each feature unlike Yoast. The major advantage of Yoast over All in One SEO is its content analysis tool. That’s why at Ashtex we use Yoast but we are deciding to shift towards All in One SEO to explore its extensive features.

Yoast VS All In One SEO
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Yoast VS All In One SEO
All in one SEO plugin goes into detail about each feature, unlike Yoast SEO. The major difference between Yoast SEO Vs All in one SEO is content analysis tool. Ashtex uses Yoast but we are planning to shift towards All in one SEO to explore its extensive features.
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