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It is not difficult to determine that you need to run a blog. You presumably as of now have a few thoughts regarding what to compose and how everything should be. Perhaps you know some things about blogging and site-building. However, in the event that you haven’t chipped away at your own particular web page, the odds are that despite everything you don’t know which platform to go for.



Two of the significant platforms for blog writing are Blogger and WordPress.


Here, the question arises, that which platform to choose ‘WordPress VS Blogger’?


I have listed some points in my blog to compare these two platforms so that you can easily decide which platform to go for.


Ownership :


WordPress is an open-source platform which implies it’s free for you. After you install it, it’s totally in your possession. From the simple minute you begin hosting a site, you get the inclination that it is yours. Despite the fact that you will likely pay for hosting, the site is as yet 100% yours. In this way, it is conceivable to do whatever you need with it – move it, extend it, change it, erase it, and so forth.


Blogger is a service provided by Google and is its property. That implies that folks at the organization get the opportunity to do anything they need with the service. In spite of the fact that it’s very improbable, it is as yet conceivable that the innovation goliath chooses to shut down Blogger and nobody would think much about your content. Likewise, with no reason, Google may block you from getting to your own blog. The control is in their grasp, and you can simply trust that their choices will influence you pleasantly.


Templates :


WordPress theme repository gives you a large number of layouts to look over. If that you choose to spend additional bucks, there are likewise thousands more premium WordPress templates that look far better and have extra attributes that will push your blog to the top. Regardless of whether you go for a free one or buy a paid theme, you have full control over it. Majority of the themes have a tremendous assortment of altering choices that let you customize the whole site and blog. An incredible part is that you get the chance to alter source code too. In this way, in the event that you know something about HTML and CSS, you can change every single piece of your site.


In contrast to WordPress VS Blogger, Blogger is behind. While there is a decent number of templates that you can apply to your free blog, the decision is very restricted contrasted with WordPress. Also, once you select a format, you just get the chance to play with the limited number of customization instruments. In the event that you anticipate making a custom theme or customizing a current layout, you can’t do that as Blogger does not permit that.


Content Management :


WordPress has everything. By utilizing Visual and Text editors, it is a joy to include new content in WordPress whenever. There’s nothing more needed than a few blogs until the point that you can unwind and become acquainted with the editors in detail. It quite easy to include new media files. Since WordPress permits plugins, it is conceivable to enhance both editorial manager and media administration frameworks to your likings. Numerous free and premium modules will give you a chance to add stuff specifically to the editor. It enables you to redesign the media library. WordPress makes blogging ideal both for easygoing creators and more experienced clients.


Blogger is made for blogging. So it indicates that management is done well and it’s true. Google made it simple to begin your first post and to oversee it without issues. You just have to sign into your google account and access Blogger. Blogger gives you a chance to enjoy blogging. A basic bar on top demonstrates every one of the alternatives that enable you to arrange text and include media.


Conclusion :


These two platforms enable you to rapidly begin an individual blog but they both are different. Blogger is quite limited. It is sufficiently useful for the individuals who need basic blogging knowledge without numerous choices. WordPress is relatively boundless. Not just that you can begin a blog with it, but you can make any kind of web page that you desire. You may even change your blog into an online store, broaden it with a huge number of modules and themes, and it will always be in your ownership.


That’s why at Ashtex Solutions, we understand the client’s requirements and make his blogging experience fun by using WordPress. WordPress is becoming popular day by day and almost everyone needs his web page or blog built in this platform. We have professional and experienced developers here that have an extensive knowledge of WordPress.

WordPress vs Blogger
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