Quantum Computing

This time we are living in the 21st century which is very much updated in the field of technology. The computer invented in 1622, name as an abacus. It was a huge calculating machine, used for addition, subtraction and taxes calculation but with the passage of time innovation changes the shape of the computer.


Currently, we are using conventional computers but as technology is becoming advance so the next age will be of Quantum Computer. So, if you have some doubts about it then let me clear you about Quantum Computing.



What Quantum Computing is?


Despite the fact that the intensity of traditional computer has expanded by a huge number of times in the course of recent years, there are numerous issues that are excessively complex.


Let me explain you with an example of Simon’s Problem. Simon’s Problem is a computational problem that is complex enough to solve with the help of any traditional computer.


First of all, mathematicians and physicists took the step to initiate the invention of the quantum computer in 1980. Furthermore, Quantum Computing is the craft of utilizing all the potential outcomes that the laws of quantum mechanics offer us to deal with computational issues.


As we all know that technology is becoming so advance and complex as well. So to deal with complexity we need something very fast, accurate and advance. Hence quantum computer is the only solution to deal with complexity beyond the ability of the traditional computer.


Difference b/w Classical Computing and Quantum Computing :


  • Classical Computing :

    1. It is the multipurpose computer which was invented with the purpose of large scale integration.
    2. It runs on digital bits like 0 and 1.
    3. In classical computing, it uses 0 and 1 to store data.
    4. If storing single values takes 64 bits in classical computing then N values will take N times 64 bits.
    5. It processes problems in the single directional way.
    6. Its processing is binary.
    7. Calculations are done similarly as by hand.
    8. Its circuits are easy and fast to implement.


  • Quantum Computing :1. It is fast enough and accurate for your need.
    2. It runs quantum bits which are based on superposition.
    3. In quantum computing data storing is in form of 0,1 and both for high speed.
    4. Every qbit, you get, it can store in as many numbers.
    5. Additionally, it processes in a multi-directional way.
    6. Its processing is linear algebraic and can represent by unitary matrices.
    7. Calculations are performed by unitary changes on the condition of qbits.
    8. Its circuit uses microscopic technologies which are slow and not scalable yet.


Future of Quantum Computing : 


Isn’t it sounds good to talk about an extraordinary computing? Of course, it does.


The quantum computing is extraordinary computing. This is human nature to change or update the old version. Quantum computing is going to take place of your classical computer because it can do things which your simple computer cannot do.


As I discussed above that in classical computing processing is in a sequence of 0 and 1 and it is single directional processing but what about such a technology which can solve thousands of problems in the same time. In other words, these extraordinary processing devices are made up of electrons and neurons. Hence, the best part of quantum computing is that some computer scientists have done successful experiments to run it by ions.


Quantum computers utilize modest circuits to perform figuring, somewhat like classical computers. You would be surprised to know that not only Google and IBM but the government is also funding quantum computing because it can bring revolution in the world of information technology.


Conclusion :


I am not saying that Quantum computing will totally outflank over classical computing but there will be a time when it will become a necessity. So what do you think that Quantum computing is how much important and helpful to your life?


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Quantum Computing
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Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing is the craft of utilizing all the potential outcomes that the laws of Quantum mechanics offer us to deal with computational issues. Quantum computers utilize modest circuits to perform figuring, somewhat like classical computers. Google and IBM funding Quantum computing.
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